We want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about Office Linx, a company designed to help the working professional like you, Allow us to help alleviate the stress sometimes associated with changing office environments, whether its providing a complete re-location package or just new office furniture to enhance your company image. Utilize our years of experience to maximize the valuable hours you have available. Thank you again for visiting our site. We are very excited about the possibility of becoming partners on your next project.


Office Linx, LLC was newly founded in 2006 by Mark and Kathy Freudenstein who have successfully owned and operated Exec-U-Clean, LLC since 1985. Exec-U-Clean, was developed primarily as a company specializing in the post construction cleaning of high end custom homes being built by local area builders. Their association with these builders, and their experience in commercial real estate and development, led to their natural expansion into the office and retail markets as well. It was during this time of expansion, Office Linx was developed. Through strategic partnerships with RJE Business Interiors founded in 1993, and Welbourne Companies founded in 2001, Office Linx is the only company offering its clients a complete one of a kind menu of products and services.


The number one goal is to provide our clients with a team of professionals, committed and dedicated to developing a complete comprehensive package of products and services. To create a new office model, highlighting the clients company image, while being innovative yet functional.


We will relieve our clients from the responsibility that comes with relocating a new or existing business from one location to another. Finding suitable locations that help to maintain an image or create a new one, professionally designing their new office space, or providing all their new furniture needs, will allow us to become a valued partner with our clients. They will be pleased with our competitive pricing and thrilled with the service, meeting and exceeding their expectations.


Office Linx, LLC received its WBE certification from the State of Indiana in September 2006

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